I AM matty aka somattygamez,
I use he/him pronouns..
I FUCKING love my husband, Dungeons & Dragons, butts, being silly AF, Dragonlance, Stocky ginger dudes, the Chatty Fam, swearing, graphic design, fountain Pepsi, boardgames, cosplay, rainbows, cake, and your mom... plus so much more.

My shop selling Print-On-Demand Clothing, Accessories, & Home Goods Along with Tabletop Game Content & Supplies. 

For the #TTRPG Community by the #TTRPG Community. selling merch for over 20+ Artists, Streamers, & Podcasts.


If you Like my work and would like to contribute to it's growth on a monthly basis, join my patreon.

Patrons can gain access to overlay templates with more to come soon.


If you like my work and would like to make a one-time contribution, buy me a "Seattle pepsi" at ko-fi. It's a regular pepsi, just more expensive, lol.

You can also book certain commissions directly from the ko-fi page. reserve your spot in the working queue right now!


Inclusive tabletop gaming content 5 nights a week for adults to be adults, every sunday thru thursday!


The #Chattyfam is a refuge for nerds across the LGBTQIA++ spectrum and more... and butts.

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