Welcome Fam! I'm Matty aka SoMattyGameZ, and I create art.

I have a strong passion for the game Dungeons & Dragons. This led me down a path where I found my true self. I am a creator, a leader, and a friend. This passion sparked the first T-shirt design, that drove me to start my own online shop, that gave me the confidence to become a Freelance Graphic Artist, that still inspires me to this day. Much of what I do is centered around this game, and I definitely won't apologize for that. It gave me a focus for a Twitch talk show, that sparked two more, that ushered in a new community of diverse like-minded gamers that is still going strong well after the last talk show ever aired.

My other passions include, but not limited to, my amazing husband Mark and our furbabies Pepper & Patch... cooking and food science... fountain Pepsi... interior design... boardgames of all sorts... and being unapologetically Queer AF... just to name a few.

Reach out to me via the Contact Page and lets get to work on your next project. Whether it's motion or static, graphics for Twitch or for a shirt, a fancy new logo or an update of an existing one, I can help.

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